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Until May 09, 2021 included

Engravings on our BriquesaBoX Showcases  are



To benefit from it, it's automatic!

If you meet the conditions *1 & *2 (detailed below) and several display cases make up your basket, tell us in the remarks of your order which display case you would like the Free engraving(s). If you only have one showcase in your cart and the conditions are met, we will automatically apply the engraving(s) to your showcase.


Important: If you select the Engraving Option(s) on the product page, these will appear in the basket and will be payable when your order is finalized! To avoid this problem and if you meet the conditions for obtaining the offer, you must not check the engraving option. We will automatically apply the offer if the conditions *1 & *2 are met.


If you do not want to take advantage of it, please let us know in the "remark" box when validating your order.

Condition *1: From 59€ of order, ONE "Identity of the Set" Type Engraving Offered on one of your showcases.

Condition *2: From 99€ of order, ONE Engraving of the Type "Identity of the Set" + ONE engraving of "type XL (8x8cm) Free on one of your showcases.

*Promotional OFFERS *1 & *2 valid only from May 01 00:01 to May 09, 2021 23:59.

ENTRETIEN & conseils

Bien que plus résistantes que le verre, nos vitrines nécessitent néanmoins toute votre attention lors de leur assemblage, manipulation et/ou de leur entretien pour assurer leur longévité et leur excellente transparence.

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