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Select your favorite models and empty your basket, you will receive your purchases directly as an instant download . So, all you have to do is dig into your bulk LEGO® stock and / or order the parts necessary for assembly and voila! Don't hesitate to adapt your models to your colors and share your creations on the Facebook page !

Original creations

Original Creations signed

Warning ! No building bricks are provided with digital type purchases (dematerialized).

    Warning !   Type purchases  digital.  No building bricks are  included.


    After payment, the notice  assembly you receive is easy  to read (from 6 years old), it allows you  follow  assembly step by step  not  as for sets  from the LEGO® brand! Once payment is made,  you receive by  E-mail  a link to download the  case  Zipper  ! When you open it, you will find a  installation instructions  in PDF format, a .csv file integrating  the inventory of parts as well as a photo when necessary to edit your Sticker.  Each  creation is original and is the exclusive property of, any reproduction or  sharing is prohibited. Please respect the rights and work of the author under penalty of prosecution. The provision and  sharing the zip file and  its contents are prohibited and cannot be  be shared without the explicit consent of

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